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Age: Liz
Sex: 100% F E M A L E
Dating Status: Happily In Love With Neil <3
Sexual Orientation: ha..if you asked my boyfriend he'd say I'm bi..
Five of your Favorite Bands: Beastie Boys, 311, Wheatus, Evanesence, Dope


What kind of shoes do you wear?: Flip flops, boots, tennis shoes, heels *only on special occasions though*, sandles
How many pairs of shoes do you own?: um I dunno let me go count....
Do you paint your nails?: I get my nails done
Are you straight edge?: Don't think so?

What's your favorite word?: Fuck
Mouse or caterpiller?: Caterpiller!

Welp that's all kids, I know it was alot of pics. Sorry, hope ya'll enjoyed. <3
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haha i like the first pic. great face. wheatus is a pretty good band, same with 311 for reggae. nice freckles. all in all

I love the first pic, hehe. I only really like one song from Wheatus, I love 311 though! Thanks I love my freckles! Thanks for the yes! <3
is the one song teenage dirtbag??
yes..lol..I dunno it makes me feel better if I'm havin a bad day